You Don't Need Perfect Core Web Vitals (LCP, FID, CLS) To Get A SEO boost!

You Don’t Need Perfect Core Web Vitals (LCP, FID, CLS) To Get A SEO Boost!

Everyone wants perfect core web vitals, but what most people don’t realize is that you basically get a SEO boost without being the smartest kid in class! You don’t have to pass LCP, FID and CLS (all three) to get a nod from Google and give you that coveted search engine ranking advantage.

The assumption since day one when people started talking about core web vitals was that you needed to get ‘good’ on LCP, FID and CLS in order to get a boost. All 3 or nothing, limited to mobile devices.

The Lighthouse Scoring Calculator is handy, but this is how your Core Web Vitals are calculated.

  • 0 to 49 (red): Poor
  • 50 to 89 (orange): Needs Improvement
  • 90 to 100 (green): Good

Now up to this point, there was massive frustration across the board as nobody was passing all three vitals — Maybe 1/3 or 2/3 but not 3/3

Everyone thought that if you weren’t passing all 3, no core web vitals boost… until this bombshell gobsmacked the entire industry at Google I/O Day 2 in May (25:53)

Perfect Core Web Vitals (Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect)…

If you are too lazy to watch the video, the panel talked about quite a few things — but the real shocker that nobody knew about before..

You don’t have to pass LCP, FID and CLS inclusively — and the core web vitals boost is progressive as you work through ‘needs improvement’.

Obviously I’m not a graphic artist, but this diagram will better explain how progressive core web vitals SEO scores work and how it will help outrank your competitors.

Let’s quickly go back to how core web vitals are graded.

  • 0 to 49 (red): Poor
  • 50 to 89 (orange): Needs Improvement
  • 90 to 100 (green): Good

Think of LCP, FID and CLS as three separate silos. Each are evaluated separately on both desktop and mobile.

1 – If anything ranks as poor (0-49), you get no zero core web vitals boost. NADA!

2 – If you rank needs improvement (50-89), for any of the 3 — it’s a progressive boost until you hit good. 53, 59, 64, 71, 80, 89 each improvement will provide incremental core web vitals SEO rewards. Every little thing you do to move up through ‘needs improvement’ will be rewarded

That is true for LCP, that is true for FID, and that is true for CLS — each is graded on it’s own — and that’s scored differently for both desktop and mobile. They announced that core web vitals would also count on desktop at a later date (and not just mobile) the previous day at Google I/O — another bombshell

3- Once you achieve good (90+) on field data, you’ve achieved the ultimate core web vitals boost. 98 doesn’t beat 91 — You are getting the max benefit.

Bottom line, don’t obsess about getting perfect core web vitals as you’ll drive yourself mad.

We get back to the biggest challenge on how lab data vs field data results are different, and how CrUX data is generated from real people visiting and interacting with your website.. it’s very difficult to fully pass core web vitals in field data without making some serious design choices as I explain how WPCoreWebVitals services work and what we do here.

Doing something is better than doing nothing. Each and every little effort you make to improve your core web vitals will be rewarded.