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Want to improve your Google Core Web Vitals scores? Let us fix your PageSpeed Insights

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Never mind all the cute turtle graphics.. We’re all business here.

At WP WebCoreVitals we only do one thing, and that’s fixing up slow WordPress websites to pass their Google PageSpeed Insights scores!

No Fast Talk.. Just Fast Websites!

Our Process

Unlike other agencies out there that push empty promises to speed up your site, our process is personalized and unique to your business that actually delivers results. WordPress can be REALLY slow, let us fix that up for you!

We’re Hiring Website Speed Optimizers!

Catered Service

Every website is very different, we don’t offer a cheap flat rate price to optimize your site. Every job is customized

ZOOM. Let’s Talk!

After you fill out the form to answer our questions, we actually prefer (optional) to speak with you and schedule a ZOOM call to discuss your project

We Take Notes

We’ll ask you a bunch of questions about your site before starting to build a quote, we want to know everything!

Done Right. We Care

Once we have an idea of what you need, we’ll send you an estimate with pricing before we start. Quality is the first and only goal to get the results you are looking for.

Let WP CoreWebVitals Get Your Website Running Fast!

With a combined 40+ years of digital marketing and website development experience, let’s get your site scoring 90/90+ on mobile and desktop for Core Web Vitals now!

Let WP CoreWebVitals Get Your Website Running Fast!

With a combined 40+ years of digital marketing and website development experience, let’s get your site scoring 90/90+ on mobile and desktop for Core Web Vitals now!


What types of website do you optimize?
Currently we only optimize WordPress and WooCommerce sites

Really dumb question… How do I test my website for Core Web Vitals?
Actually most people don’t know and it’s a great question. You can test your Core Web Vitals here. We’ve linked to our results, just add your own website url.

How much do you charge?
We charge $200 USD per hour to optimize your website, no flat rates. To get your estimate, fill in the Get Started form and our team will review your website with a personalized quote.

Why no flat rates?
Every website is very different, we work quickly and we do things honestly here. Zero padding of hours

So you are going to ding me per hour? What am I looking at paying?
Tweaking simple sites can take a couple of hours, the majority of the sites we work on take 3-5 hours. WooCommerce starts at $700.. and then it goes up from there for really complicated sites that take more work and keep us up at night

Do your rates include the cost of any paid plugins?
Yes it does! Unless you have your own paid plugins, we’ll exclusively use licensed premium caching plugins that we supply to you for free under our agency licenses to optimize your website and make your site as fast as possible.

I see other companies doing it for a couple hundred bucks, why are you so expensive?
Our team of optimizers know their craft, we’ve seen it all and know exactly what to do to improve your scores. Experience goes a long way and we’re rarely surprised for even the toughest cases.

Can you guarantee 90/90+ Google PageSpeed Insights scores for both desktop and mobile?
No. Most websites are just too slow based on design flaws in plugins, themes and page builders being used along with the actual limitations of WordPress itself to make any guarantees. If your website still looks like the local disco on a Friday night with all the bells and whistles blaring, then there is only so much we can do!

In saying that, we can ‘almost always’ optimize all websites with a minimum of 80+ on mobile and 90+ on desktop. Mobile lab data from PageSpeed Insights is a synthetic test simulated with a Moto G4 device over a throttled mobile network and can be slower than real-world or field data results.

Provided we can get your LCP, FID and CLS in good standing, field data will often surpass what Google simulates on the Moto G4 and give you passing Core Web Vitals scores.

As May (now delayed until mid-June) approaches and we continue to closely monitor the situation, the truth is that there are very few websites on the entire internet today that are passing Core Web Vitals (lab and field data) in their Origin Summaries for both mobile and desktop scores. Our job is to make your site as fast as it possibly can be.

It’s not responsible of us to guarantee Core Web Vitals scores that aren’t realistic, and will provide full guidance to what you might want to change on your site before we can properly optimize everything for the best results possible. You’ll be right there in getting 90/90+ scores, and we’ll continue to tweak your website until we’re over the line as Google continues to update the industry for best practices to follow in the upcoming months.

Our singular goal is to significantly improve website performance, maximize all your Core Web Vital scores, and make every effort to get everything in the green to gain that search ranking boost. Again, we may have to make some difficult design decisions together before we can get you there.

We encourage all potential clients to set up a ZOOM call with us beforehand to discuss your options first so we can strategize a potential plan of attack.

I use a premium caching plugin like WP-Rocket and my scores are still terrible. What am I doing wrong?
See the next bullet, WordPress caching plugins aren’t designed to fix completely broken websites

I’ve tried everything to make my website faster, what are the most important factors to improving performance?
A good theme, don’t use bloated page builders and invest some money in a decent host. Do the first two and you likely don’t need us

My GTmetrix scores are really slow, can you help?
The first thing to realize is that unless you have a pro plan, GTmetrix only measures desktop scores in Lighthouse. The only tool you should be using is monitoring the Core Web Vitals tab scores in Google Search Console. Yes we can improve your GTmetrix scores

I’m using Elementor page builder and can’t seem to improve my scores, is there anything you can do?
It’s not you. I’ve made more than a few WordPress blogs over the years with Elementor too. It sucks. Yes. we can help with Elementor and other (really) slow page builders. The Core Web Vitals update is coming, let us help get you where you need to be

Why is my mobile PageSpeed Insights score so low?
Great question and the biggest challenge for everyone. Mobile-first indexing means it’s the first thing Google looks at. I keep talking about fast and slow, that’s wrong – Core Web Vitals measures the experience people have while visiting your site, not site speed!

My theme is Divi and don’t understand why my website speed results are bad, what are my options?
Divi is arguably one of the biggest and most popular WordPress themes and page builders, it’s also pretty bloated. We can definitely help improve your Divi page speed results

There are WordPress plugins that promise 90/90+ Core Web Vital scores, how is that possible?
Do you believe in magic, Google doesn’t. We actually fix the problems you have on your site, we don’t trick Google PageSpeed Insights

If I fill out the questionnaire can you tell me what’s wrong with my site?
More no than yes. Our team takes a look at your specifics and we put an hourly estimate against the work. The form is not intended for free advice, but we’re also more than happy to schedule a ZOOM call with you to discuss further how the Core Web Vitals test works

Do you need access to my website to make changes?
No. Many larger companies have strict IT policies and privacy rules that means we won’t be allowed to go anywhere near a production environment. We’re happy to make changes in dev environments, sign NDAs or write a technical document that outlines all the changes needed that an in-house developer can implement. For the rest of you, we will need access to your admin to fix everything up

Our website gets millions of visitors every month and very complicated, can you actually handle that?
Sure. Whether you are a top e-commerce website or receive heavy traffic with a complex server environment, our expert team has years of experience to meet all of your needs. Beyond the standard Core Web Vitals optimization layer, we also provide comprehensive server network audit and analysis services, advanced code and database profiling, stress testing and performance benchmarking, advanced CDN integrations and more.