WTF Google? It's The End Of August, Where Is My Core Web Vitals SEO Bump?

WTF Google? It’s The End Of August, Where Is My Core Web Vitals SEO Bump?

We’ve all been waiting for months now, just what type of Core Web Vitals SEO bump should we finally expect after all the hard work done by everyone to optimize their websites? Where is our reward?

Poorly communicated since day one, this gradual rollout that was supposed to happen originally in May, has been an absolute disaster so far.

When Google speaks, everyone (panics) listens. Truth is that every web hosting company, theme developer, platform and plugin scrambled to make their services faster. There’s no argument that a faster website and better user experience is always a good thing, but it’s the classic question of ‘what’s in it for me’ that’s troubling everyone right now as the end of the month approaches.

It’s just not Wordpress. Shopify, Wix, Squarespace — Everybody has made tremendous efforts to make their platforms faster…

In a recently updated post I just saw from BloggerVoice, 20 Experts On “How Google Core Web Vitals Impacted Their Website” And What It Mean For Your SEO In 2021?”, basically the 20 experts said — well.. not much…

This same message has been very consistent across the board as I’ve scoured Linkedin and Twitter every day over the summer, looking for solid proof that core web vitals has specifically impacted SEO as a ranking signal.

No Core Web Vitals SEO bump? Watch website owners abandon vitals overnight in droves!

That’s right. If there is no core web vitals SEO boost, core web vitals will be abandoned literally overnight.

As a past moderator for Facebook website group WP Speed Matters and all the other related FB groups for that matter, that early enthusiasm about making your website faster has simply vanished over the last couple of months.

Optimizing websites is too hard for most people. They didn’t care about LCP, FID or CLS before in blissful ignorance, the masses would be more than happy not having to worry about it in the future too.

Not that I’m a Google hater, I did write an earlier post, Did Google Kill The Internet With Core Web Vitals? that talks about how vitals has taken away the fun and joy of building a website for most folks.

I don’t care if Experience is now prominently featured in Google Search Console or not. No SEO boost, core web vitals will die a violent death…

What does Google say about the impact of Core Web Vitals?

Google has always implied pretty much from day one that core web vitals might be a tie-breaker in search engines, but that was until John Mueller said early in August that it might be more significant than that. On a Reddit post titled, Anyone else not buying Core Web Vitals?, Mueller chimed in and said core web vitals would be more than just a tie-breaker ranking signal as originally thought.

Let me quote Jerry Maguire that has all of us saying, “Show me the #$#% money”

We all used to be fat, but that party is over now — Analytics will tell you that core web vitals is good for you!

Now beyond that core web vitals SEO bump we’re all still waiting for, your website analytics will definitely tell you a much more positive story.

On a post from Content King, Why Page Speed Matters: 10 Case Studies Show How — there are now many companies that are reporting improved metrics in a big way.

In the dozens of websites my team and I have optimized, most started off being pretty broken behind the scenes. We migrated clients to faster hosting, shrunk images and eliminated bloated plugins amongst many other things to improve performance.

And what we’ve seen from their analytics is that our clients have enjoyed more page views per visit, lower abandon rates and longer time spent on their websites consistently across the board. A faster website with a better experience makes visitors happy — they tend to do more and stick around longer.

But despite having better analytics and the benefits that come with it, that’s not going to be good enough when it comes to vitals. Analytics alone won’t be sexy enough alone if Google wants this to stick.

I’m going to come back and revisit this post and update accordingly, I think it’s safe to say that everyone is waiting and patience is wearing out quickly unless we start to see core web vitals become a solid and significant ranking signal that moves the dial. Only time will tell at this point.

Update: I did reach out to a bunch of my clients over the last week since posting this, and by large they said that they’ve definitely seen keyword position improvements along with their improved analytics.

The biggest issue is that Google also had two separate core algorithm updates in June and July, so it’s difficult to attribute any SERP movement to core web vitals outside of that.

Google did announce on Twitter that the experience rollout is now complete (09/02), it will be interesting to gauge what the market reports through the rest of the year and the impact vitals has had for everyone. I think we’ll see continued tinkering moving forward and that Google will have additional updates that will better define the numbers in terms of overall lift.

Regardless, it’s wise to optimize your site for core web vitals as this story has just started being told…