The WP CoreWebVitals Affiliate Program Is Live!

The WP CoreWebVitals Affiliate Program Is Live!

This was more work to get out the door than I wanted to in terms of spending time launching it, but I’m very happy to announce that the WP CoreWebVitals Affiliate Program is now live!

I guess the biggest question that always comes up first, how much can I make?

We’re offering $100 per paid client, meaning we only pay when a customer signs up for optimization work. I figure that a core web vitals affiliate program makes a ton of sense right now, everyone needs to speed up their websites and is quite timely.

When someone fills out our Contact Us or Get Started forms, we credit the affiliate who sent us the visitor.

That site visitor goes through the regular process, we ask them a bunch of questions and provide a quote for our services. Once they commit to the job and pay us, then the affiliate is rewarded $100 for the lead as a new client.

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We also got our graphic designer to put a bunch of different-sized banners and badges together to help affiliates promote the offer. It meant a few more days before we went live, but we’re hoping it will be a valuable tool for publishers who decide to join.

There is a 60-day cookie that means people can come back well after their first visit before they fill out one our our forms, and that affiliate will still be rewarded for the sale.

I spent the weekend testing everything out, the team is anxious here to expand on the program moving forward with even more functionality in the future.

If you are a publisher that caters to a Wordpress audience, then this is a serious no-brainer, join the WP CoreWebVitals affiliate program now!