We're hiring! Website Optimization Jobs

We’re growing fast and need to hire more website speed optimizers!

If you’ve ever seen the movie Top Gun, know we’re strictly looking for the ‘best of the best’ to join our team!

We definitely want the Mavericks out there and not his dedicated wingman Goose (who ultimately died in a spectacular ocean plunge)… You need to be really good at your craft and can prove it.

Our clients pay top dollar to have their websites professionally optimized for speed and performance as a dedicated Web Core Vitals agency, we pride ourselves on providing 100% satisfaction and meeting that challenge.

Our entire team consists of hardcore WP developers, with an average 10 years of experience previously working on Wordpress websites. The optimization consideration comes only after that — and this is very specialized work.

With full respect to our clients, expect a nightmare of challenges coming our way. Be prepared for websites with 70 active plugins, bulky page builders on crappy themes, 6 sets of ads running on the page, sliders and whatever else that they need to be fixed. Can you handle that?

Part of my job is to provide guidance for clients on ways we can improve their overall site design, that might require some physical changes in order to optimize performance and get them in that 90/90+ Core Web Vitals zone. You take it from there.

How Much Will I Get Paid?
Our optimizers are paid on a per project basis, at a very competitive hourly rate. We pay top dollar for top talent.

You will be expected to come up with an estimate for potential clients after we forward the website details to you first for review. We never pad hours here, we always give fair and honest value to our customers for the services we provide to them.

I’ve interviewed well over 50 candidates to date so far, only 6 of them have made the final cut and now part of the crew.

.. 2 of those 6 people actually work exclusively on WooCommerce websites as specialists.

Do You Have A Physical Office?
No. This is strictly a remote working opportunity, I’m physically based in Toronto, Canada and our team is from all over the world.

If you want to work in your pajamas, cool — just make sure our client sites are really fast!

What Do You Need From To Be Considered For The Job?
1 – You will need to sending me short of a full resume, all the experience you have to date as a Wordpress developer

2 – A long list of websites you’ve optimized with performance scores

3 – Your general approach to optimizing websites, how you attack certain problems, techniques used to solve issues

4 – A stack of tools that you typically use to optimize websites (plugins etc)

Note: When you submit your performance scores for review, please DON’T send me GTmetrix desktop reports. I only look at Google PageSpeed Insights results (and a couple of other places) for both mobile and desktop scores with zero known optimization opportunities remaining.

Provided you pass all of the criteria and think you are a strong candidate, I will then schedule a ZOOM call to review everything you’ve sent to me.

Expect to get grilled as I will ask a bunch of really tough questions to test what you really know.

How Do I Apply?
Simply head over to our Contact Page and send me all of your information. I will reply back to you within 24-48 hours and provide potential next steps after reviewing your application.