WP CoreWebVitals Affiliate Program


Send clients to WP CoreWebVitals and earn $100 per referral

Everyone on the internet is looking to improve their Core Web Vitals scores, this program has the potential to convert visitors into real dollars straight to your pocket!

It’s free to sign-up, once registered you can promote your affiliate url to start earning commissions!

60-day Cookie Lifetime. If someone visits WPCoreWebvitals.com from your affiliate link, you will still earn a commission for up to 60 days after their visit.

How Does It Work?

When someone fills out our Contact Us or Get Started form after clicking on your affiliate url, we track this visit and credit it to you.

1 – After they fill in either of the forms, you will now see (only) $1 when you log into your affiliate account. We use this as a placeholder until we generate an estimate for the client. The client needs to accept the quote and commit to the job by paying us. You will still get credit for the sale over the next 60 days if they decide to proceed with the work

2 – Once the client has paid, we will go ahead and manually credit your account $100. You do not get to keep the $1, that’s only to track each client until they pay for their site optimization.

How Do I Get Paid? Is there a minimum?
You need a minimum of $200 to request a payment from us, the reason being is that we need to protect ourselves against abuse of the affiliate program. Current payouts include Paypal, but we’re open to other options as well that can be discussed

Am I automatically approved?
No, we manually approve each new affiliate

Do you offer any banners that I can use to help promote your service on our website?
Yes. Beyond using your affiliate link, we offer several different-sized banners that you can use on your website

Things that can get your affiliate account deleted
1 – You can’t refer yourself to get a $100 discount on your optimization project. We will check

2 – Spam of any sort is strictly prohibited. This includes spamming on Facebook groups, any sort of suspected spam will see your account deleted immediately and forfeiture of any earnings to date

3 – Any suspicious activity. Blanket statement, if we suspect you aren’t following the rules, your account will be deleted

If you are not sure about something, please send us an email and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.